In 2006 we located "Blanco" in another Texas white angora goat herd.  He has a black pattern fleece with black horns
and black skin.  He produces offspring with black patterns.
By 2005 some of Roja's red color he was born with had faded but his skin is still dark red.  He produces colored kids
and his offspring are also producing their own colored offspring.
"Roja" is our first CAM herd sire.  We found him in a registered
white Texas herd in 2002.
A Little History - During our search for purebred Angora Goats with color we have learned that the larger white Angora
Goat ranchers have, on occasion, had "throwbacks" born in their herds.  Without exception, the ranchers we have spoken
with said they have culled those kids and either sent them to auction or have used them to feed the shearing crew at
shearing time!  Some of these ranchers families have been raising Angora Goats for over 100 years!   To us, this culling
sums up why the purebred angora goat "throwbacks" are so rare!
Initially we began our program using crossbreed *colored angora goats purchased from other breeders.  While we
succeeded  in substantially improving fleece quality we have never been happy with the overall package of fleece, horns,
body, etc. when compared to the AAGBA registered fine whites.  We then decided to take a different approach and began
the search for registered white angora goats that have produced  mutant or purebred kids that were born with colored fiber
and are commonly referred to as "throwbacks".  Our program using throwbacks from AAGBA registered angora goats in a
breeding program has taken us into uncharted territory as this approach has not been pursued in the past.  After many years
and thousands of highway miles we have acquired sufficient purebred throwback stock for a breeding program.  As of May
1, 2004 we had produced 10 colored true angora goats and began meeting our goals.  As of March 2007 we are in our 4th
generation and are consistently producing true colored purebred angora goats.  Colors range from a light/medium tan to
dark red and black, all with high luster mohair.  So as not to confuse our naturally colored purebred angora goats with the
crossbreed colored angora/fiber goats we developed a new term - CAM, which is an acronym for "Colored Angora
About Our Purebred Colored Angora Goat Breeding Program -  Although we primarily produce registered fine white
angora goat breeding stock, we became intrigued with the idea of producing top quality colored purebred angora goats.  
After attending numerous shows around the country our goals became clear:
1 - Produce angora goats with the high fleece quality like our AAGBA registered white angoras but with colored fiber.
2 - Maintain true angora physical characteristics and AAGBA breed standards with the exception of colored fiber.
South Texas Angora Goats
Harper, Texas