To Order Fleece:
Please visit our online store:  Fibers And Yarn.  There you can order exactly what
you need and you will be able to pay using your credit card.
Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or special needs.
Thank You!
All of our fleece is priced at $24.00 per pound
Fleece Availability and Sales - We have fine white, high luster "as shorn" fleece's available for sale and
immediate delivery.  Colored fleeces are available but in limited quantities.  Our fleece is sold
"As Shorn" and
has not been washed or processed.  We lightly skirt each fleece to remove most tags, etc. before it is weighed,
priced and shipped.  Our white fleeces' are from fine-hair, pure bred South African and Texas
Angora Goats.  
Our goats
produce extremely high quality, fine mohair with high natural luster.  Our red, brown and black
colored fleece supplies are very limited and sell out quickly.  White kid, yearling, and adult fleece's are normally
available throughout the year.  Average staple length is 6+ inches.  We only sell
entire fleece's, which before
skirting and washing, is typically 2 to 4 pounds for kid and 5 to 10 pounds for yearlings and adults.  We will
work with you to get the exact mohair you need up to inspecting and choosing a fleece before it is shorn!  
Fleece is sold on a first-come basis.  We shear twice a year, Early January and early July, exact dates vary with
weather conditions.  If you are coming to the San Antonio/
Fredericksburg/Kerrville area drop in and take a first
hand look and
choose your own fleece.  Please call first (830) 864-5561 so we don't miss you.

*Quantities of colored fleece is limited, please email or call for availability.
South Texas Angora Goats
Harper, Texas