South Texas Angora Goats
Harper, Texas
Registered White Angora Goat Sales - As of 4/9/2015 we are sold out of registered
white Angora billies and does.

Naturally Colored Angora Goat Sales - As of 4/9/2015 we a limited number of
naturally colored Angora billies and does available.

Health Certificates and Testing -  We only sell healthy, vigorous stock with no
known health issues.  If you will be taking your goats to a state or area that requires a
veterinary health certificate or testing we will be happy to procure those for you.  
Those costs are in addition to the sale price of the goats and we ask that you pay for
the veterinary and testing costs prior to us having the services performed.  There is no
charge beyond the actual fees.

Note:  Angora Goats are very herd oriented and we always insist that you have a
minimum of two (2).
Naturally Colored Angora Goats - We offer Naturally Colored Angora Goats for
sale.  We have both Purebred Colored Angoras and Crossbred Colored Angoras.  The
number of Colored Angoras we have is limited and they sell out quickly.  If you are
interested we recommend contacting us as soon as possible.

For more information visit our
Naturally Colored Purebred Angora Goats page.